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It’s All Coming Together: Digital + Physical Experiences and Innovations

Originally posted on trojan360.com

Our story starts in 1991, with a simple coffee pot.

The first webcam connected to the Internet - to see how much coffee was left in the pot.

The first webcam connected to the Internet – to see how much coffee was left in the pot.

The coffee pot in question was located at Cambridge University. Usually, this would not be a revolutionary thing to note in the annals of history, but this coffee pot had a simple point-of-difference. It was connected to the early Internet via webcam. The purpose? Allow staff to see remotely from distant rooms on the campus how full the pot was, and not waste trips for an empty pot of coffee.

When others around the world heard of this experiment, mostly through message boards and e-mail, they began to visit the coffee pot’s webpage to see the status of the coffee for themselves. And if you were online during the early web years, chances are you saw it as well.

The success and significance of this humble coffee pot goes a long way in explaining the current state of digital and event marketing. The convergence of everyday physical objects into the now hyper-connected Internet that extends into our lives across a multitude of devices and platforms is simply called The Internet of Things.


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